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General Description

The Head Sailing Instructor holds an important leadership position on the WBC staff. The Head Sailing Instructor is responsible for overseeing the Sailing Instructor staff, sailing lessons and safe boating practices on the lake. Boats that are used on the Mystic Lake include: Optis, the N-10, Club 420s and Lasers.

The Head Sailing Instructor must be available from Memorial Day through an end of season date to be negotiated with the Sailing Director. As the Head Instructor, He/She should regularly work shifts which enable supervision of the full sailing staff. He/She should be visible as much as possible at regattas and sailing events such as pizza parties, field trips, awards night.

As a leadership position on the WBC program staff, the Head Sailing Instructor should be a role model for staff and participants in the sailing programs, exemplifying integrity and the key characteristics we expect of our employees: Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.

While on duty, the Head Sailing Instructor must wear the uniform specified by the WBC Management (Instructor's t-shirt, khakis). When representing the Club at sailing events and club meetings, the Head Sailing Instructor should wear the uniform specified by the WBC Management (collared shirt, khakis).

The Head Sailing Instructor is a full time (35-40 hours) summer employee, paid an hourly rate. As an hourly employee, the Head Sailing Instructor is required to submit a weekly timecard to the WBC Management for approval and all overtime needs to be approved in advance.

Qualifications & Certifications

As with all Sailing Staff, the Head Instructor must be certified in US Sailing Certified (Small Boat Sailing) Level l Dinghy and CPR, and must be at least 18 years of age. US Sailing Level II certification is desirable. Prior experience as a sailing instructor is required.

Reporting/Management Relationships

The Head Sailing Instructor reports to the WBC Management (assisted by Summer Managers), and is overseen by the Sailing Director.

Primary Responsibilities

Duties of the head sailing instructor include:

  • There is no vacation during the eight week teaching season.
  • Communicate regularly with the WBC Management:
    • Attend weekly staff meeting.
    • Bring any employee issues or problems to the WBC Management before problems escalate.
  • The Head Instructor is responsible for scheduling of Sailing Staff hours, subject to the approval of the WBC Management:
    • In accordance with Employee policies, work shifts should be assigned in an equitable fashion to sailing employees.
    • Be on duty throughout the work schedule to allow for full supervision of the program.
      This should include working alongside Junior Instructors to provide guidance, and gauge their ability and potential.
    • Review the WBC Club Events calendar with the WBC Management to plan for sailing staff scheduling needs for events such as sailing regattas and field trips.
    • Surface potential overtime issues to WBC Management before they occur - such as when employees switch shifts due to illness, etc.
    • All work schedules are subject to the approval of the WBC Management.
  • Oversee sailing instructors in following safety procedures on the lake.
    • Schedule, organize and lead a pre-season training and orientation session with sailing staff, under the supervision of the WBC Management and the Sailing Director.
    • Training session should include:
      • Proper use of the Queen and the whalers.
      • Proper care and storage of the club 420's.
      • Maintaining a safe and clean dock area.
    • Oversee safe use of boats on the lake according to WBC policies.
    • See that the Queen is equipped with all necessary safety and rescue equipment and any equipment necessary for class instruction.
    • Enforce WBC boating rules (See back of Membership Directory).
  • Oversee sailing staff in the teaching of sailing lessons:
    • Instructors should teach in accordance with U.S. Sailing Instructor Guidelines.
    • Provide ongoing feedback to sailing instructor staff on ways to improve teaching techniques.
    • Enforce private lessons policies with staff (see below.)
    • Supervise classes in the rigging and de-rigging of boats, seeing that they are neatly and properly returned to their moorings.
  • Oversee the Junior Sailing Instructors:
    Conduct a separate orientation session for Junior Sailing Instructors early in the season, under the supervision of the WBC Management: Sailing do's and don'ts.
  • Assist in planning and attending regattas.
    • Plan the Swanson and Raphael Regattas, in cooperation with the N-10 Fleet Captain.
    • Assist with other on-lake regattas.
    • Works closely with Fleet Captains (N-10 and Snipe).
    • Remind Racing Coach to submit all regatta results to Sailing Director & office staff for trophy records.
    • Submit results of all class sailing regattas to Sailing Director & office staff for trophy records.
  • Organize Sailing Awards Night.
    Arrange for video, presentations, and trophy awards.
  • Maintain areas used by sailing lessons & sailing staff.
    • Clean the dock area of sailing class related trash and gear at the end of every day.
    • Clean rowboats of sailing class related trash and gear at the end of every day. Bail rowboats on mornings after an evening rain. Otherwise maintenance staff is responsible for bailing boats each evening before club closing as well as throughout the day.
    • Clean motorboats of trash and gear at the end of every day.
    • Alert WBC Management or Summer Manager to any repair needs.
    • Supervise the locker area at the beginning and end of lessons. See that the area is kept clean and sailors store their gear properly.
    • Instructors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in any areas of the club they use.
  • Other:
    • Assist with weekend race committee as needed.
    • Assist in the organization, planning & supervision of field trips.
      Arrange for appropriate supervision/chaperoning and communicate safety rules and proper behavior to participants.
    • May be asked to complete other tasks at discretion of WBC Management or Summer Managers.
    • Participates in nominating for trophies.
    • Sailing staff may make private arrangements to assist members in hauling boats to/from regattas; this must be done off the clock and the Boat Club assumes no liability for such services.


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