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General Description

The Head Guard position combines the responsibilities of the Lifeguard/Swimming Instructor position with the job of assisting the Swimming Program Manager (SPM) in the management of the WBC Pool Facility and swim lessons.

As a leadership position on the WBC program staff, the Head Guard should be a role model for staff and participants in the swim programs, exemplifying the key characteristics we expect of our employees: Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.

The Head Guard is a full time (35-40 hours) summer employee, paid an hourly rate. Vacation time is at the discretion of the WBC Management. (See Job Application for WBC Vacation Policy.)

  • The Head Lifeguard MUST also be available to work during the Fourth of July and Labor Day celebrations, assuming he/she has not returned to college.
  • Qualifications & Certifications

    As with all Swimming Staff, the Head Guard must be certified in Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer as well as in Red Cross certified Water Safety Instruction (WSI). Must be at least 18 years of age. Prior experience as a lifeguard/swimming instructor is required and WBC work experience is preferred.

    Reporting/Management Relationships

    The Head Guard reports to the Swimming Program Manager (SPM) and is overseen by the WBC Management and the Swimming Director.

    Primary Responsibilities

    • Communicate regularly with the Swimming Program Manager and General Manager when needed:
      • Attend weekly staff meeting.
      • Bring any employee issues or problems to the SPM before problems escalate.
    • In conjunction with the SPM, oversee lifeguards in maintaining a safe & clean pool area
      • Schedule, organize and lead a pre-season training and orientation sessions with Swimming Staff, under the supervision of the SPM.
      • Training session should include pool cleanliness procedures:
        • Maintaining proper pool water quality (testing, chlorine, etc.).
        • Completing chlorine supply report and notifying SPM when supply is low.
        • Opening and closing the pool.
        • Cleaning the pool deck so it is free of trash, spills, etc.
        • Daily SPM checklist of pool deck procedures.
      • Enforce standards for administering the swim badge test and sailing swim test in accordance with WBC guidelines.
      • Oversee lifeguarding of the pool according to Red Cross guidelines and WBC policies (See Policies below).
      • In the pre-season, confirm pool area safety and rescue equipment & first aid kit is in place and notify SPM if any replacement is needed. Monitor this throughout the season and alert SPM to replacement needs.
      • Enforce WBC pool safety & cleanliness rules (See back of Membership Directory) - no running, slide safety, no diapers in pool, no eating on pool deck, etc.
    • Oversee swimming lessons:
      • Process lesson signup forms to create swim lesson schedule, assigning children to lesson timeslots, working professionally with parents as needed to accommodate requests within reason.
      • Instructors should teach in accordance with Red Cross Water Safety Instructor Guidelines.
      • In conjunction with SPM, provide ongoing feedback to lifeguard/swim instructor staff on ways to improve teaching techniques.
      • Enforce private lessons policies with staff (see below.)
      • Oversee lifeguards in the completion of Red Cross certificates for program participants.
    • In conjunction with SPM, oversee the Junior Lifeguard staff and Swim Aides:
      • Assure that Junior Lifeguard staff gets trained at an appropriate time before starting work, working in close cooperation with the SPM and WBC MANAGEMENT. Training of the Junior Lifeguard staff should be on-going throughout the summer and should include:
        • Pool Opening/Closing Procedures
        • Lifeguarding do's and don'ts
      • Provide guidance to the Swim Aides regarding their role in assisting with swimming lessons.
    • Other
      • May participate in field trips when assigned.
      • Participate in club events as a member of the Boat Club staff.
      • May be asked to complete other tasks at discretion of SPM and WBC MANAGEMENT.
      • Participates in Nominating for Trophies.


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