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General Description

The Snack Bar Shift Manager is expected to work 20 - 30 hours per week and is responsible for the management of the Snack Bar during their shift including supervising personnel, equipment, and managing inventory.

As a Winchester Boat Club (WBC) team member, the Snack Bar Shift Manager should exemplify the key characteristics we expect of all our employees: Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.

While on duty, the Snack Bar Shift Manager must wear the uniform specified by WBC Management (staff T-shirt, khaki shorts or pants, apron and hat). Hair should be neat, pulled back if necessary, and covered by a hat.

The Snack Bar Shift Manager is paid at an hourly rate. Vacation time during this period is at the discretion of the WBC Executive Director working with the HR Manager (see Job Application for WBC Vacation Policy). Snack Bar Shift Managers must be willing to work a variety of shifts including weekends and special events as directed.

Reporting/Management Relationships

A Snack Bar Shift Manager reports directly to the Snack Bar Manager and supervises the Snack Bar Staff. There must be at least one Snack Bar Shift Manager on duty during the Snack Bar's hours of operation.


The Snack Bar Shift Manager must be at least 18 years of age.

Primary Responsibilities

Pre-season Planning

In conjunction with the Snack Bar Manager, assist with ordering:

  • Food Products and Paper Products
  • Prepare the Stockroom and Upstairs Refrigerators
    Working under the supervision of WBC Management, clean and stock the storage areas.
  • Standard of Service
    Prior to Season opening, the Snack Bar Shift Manager should meet with the Snack Bar Manager to discuss and agree upon standards of service for the upcoming season (in the areas set forth in the General Daily Operations description below).
  • Employee Training, in conjunction with Snack Bar Manager
    Under the supervision of WBC Management, Snack Bar Shift Manager conducts a training session of Snack Bar employees.


  • Daily Operations:
    Snack Bar Shift Manager is responsible for the operation of the snack bar consistent with Board of Health guidelines and overseeing employees to ensure they are following these protocols as well.
  • Equipment Cleaning/Set-Up
    Snack Bar Shift Manager is responsible for the proper cleaning of all food service equipment and work areas inside the building, assuring that they meet Board of Health codes. The Snack Bar Shift Manager works through WBC Management to work jointly with Maintenance on the proper cleaning of the outdoor Snack Bar facility:
    • set up/take down umbrellas
    • trash pickup and removal
    • hosing down deck
    • tables and chairs
  • Regular Hours of Snack Bar Operation (weather permitting) will be determined. It is expected that the Snack Bar will remain open on a pre-determined schedule.
    • In the event of inclement weather, WBC, in consultation with the Snack Bar Manager, will determine changes to the Snack Bar staffing level and hours of operation.


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