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General Description

The Snack Bar Staff are responsible for serving the membership in the Snack Bar in a courteous manner. The Snack Bar Staff Person works hours part time, approximately 15 - 20 hours per week, paid an hourly rate, from Opening Day through Labor Day and in the pre and post season as needed. Snack Bar staff must be willing to work a variety of shifts including weekends and special events as directed.

As a Winchester Boat Club (WBC) team member, the Snack Bar Staff member should exemplify the key characteristics we expect of all our employees: Integrity, Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation.

While on duty, the Snack Bar staff must wear the uniform specified by the WBC Management (staff T-shirt, khaki shorts or pants, apron and hat).


The Snack Bar Staff person must be at least 16 years of age.

Reporting/Management Relationships

The Snack Bar staff reports to the Snack Bar Manager and is supervised by the Snack Bar Shift Manager, working under the direction of the WBC Executive Director with input from the BOD Snack Bar Director.

Primary Responsibilities

Duties of the snack bar staff include:

  • Prepare and serve customer food orders, in the order received.
  • Learning and applying safe and clean food preparation procedures.
  • Notify Snack Bar Manager on inventory reorder needs as per Manager guidelines.
  • Cleaning the Snack Bar tables, chairs and deck on a regular basis.
  • Cleaning the inside of the Snack Bar as per the direction of the Snack Bar Manager.
  • Clean upstairs kitchen area, including refrigerators and freezers when required.
  • Keep a neat and clean appearance, and follow all prescribed hygiene rules.
  • Process order slips for billing purposes. Keep order slips organized to file in Club Office.
  • Maintain a neat and orderly storage room, allowing no one but Snack Bar employees into the storage area.
  • Employee discount is available to Club employees only. Snack Bar employees may not apply the discount to friends or family.
  • All complaints should be directed in a courteous manner to the Snack Bar Manager on Duty.

Hygiene Rules for Snack Bar Staff

  1. Keep the hands clean. Wash as frequently as necessary. Wash with warm, soapy water, using friction action, and dry with paper towels or air dryer.
  2. Always wash hands:
    • After using toilet facilities
    • Between handling raw and cooked foods to avoid cross contamination
    • After blowing the nose, sneezing, or coughing
    • After smoking, eating, drinking, or taking any break.
    • After touching the face, hair (including a beard or moustache), or any unwashed body part
    • After any other activity that could potentially contaminate hands
  3. Keep fingernails clean and well-trimmed.
  4. Keep uniform clean; use a clean apron
  5. Keep hair neat and clean; use hair restraints if necessary to contain hair and always wear uniform hat. No loose, long hair. Beards and moustaches kept trimmed.
  6. No SMOKING or EATING in food preparation, serving or storage areas.
  7. No rings (except wedding band) or jewelry on hands or wrists.
  8. The handling of food (including ice) should be minimized; use utensils or plastic gloves to eliminate unnecessary hand contact with prepared foods (example: do not mix salad by hand).
  9. If sick (especially with diarrhea, sore throat and/or sneezing and coughing), stay at home or go home, notifying the Snack Bar Manager or Assistant Manager.
  10. Do not work in food preparation if a hand injury has resulted in a wound, infected cut or burn. Notify the Snack Bar Manager or Assistant Manager if you have such an injury.


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