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General Description

The Swim Team Coach is a lifeguard that is also responsible for the operations of the WBC Swim Team. The Coach is a part time (upward of 25 hours per week) summer employee during the swim team season, paid an hourly rate, and the lifeguard position supplements coaching for the rest of the 30-40 hour in-season work week. As an hourly employee, the Swim Coach is required to submit a weekly schedule to the WBC MANAGEMENT for approval and all overtime needs to be approved in advance. WBC vacation policy does not apply to this position. No vacation time will be offered during the swim team season.

As with all of WBC program staff, the Coach should be a role model for participants on the Swim Team, exemplifying integrity and the key characteristics we expect of our employees: Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation. In addition, the Coach should be a role model for sportsmanship and team spirit to participants on the swim team.

While on duty, the Coach should wear the swim suit and uniform specified by the WBC MANAGEMENT. When representing the Club at swim meets and club meetings, the Swim Coach should wear the uniform specified by the WBC MANAGEMENT.

Qualifications & Certifications

The Coach must be certified in Red Cross Lifeguard Training and First Aid and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer and preferably in Red Cross certified Water Safety Instruction (WSI). Must be at least 18 years of age. Prior WBC work experience is preferred and competitive swimming experience is strongly preferred.

Reporting/Management Relationships

The Coach reports to the WBC MANAGEMENT as noted by the HR Manager.

Primary Responsibilities

The specific responsibilities of the Coach will be defined by and under the supervision of the WBC MANAGEMENT. WBC MANAGEMENT will organize a pre-season meeting with the WBC MANAGEMENT to review specific responsibilities with the Coach.

  • The Coach will organize and lead the swim team practices and weekly swim meets. Attendance is required at all practices and meets and other events.
    • Swim practices/schedule (subject to change, see WBC Handbook for actual hours):
      • 8:30 am - 9:30 am - older swimmers
      • 9:30 am - 10:00 am - younger swimmers
      • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm - administration/meet & event planning
      • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm - swim practice
    • Swim meets - weekly, typically on Wednesday.
    • Relay meet at season open, Championships at season end
    • Swim Orientation night, social events, awards night.
  • Responsibilities include:
    • Organizing and leading swim practices
    • Organizing and leading swim meets, including:
      • Creating lineups
      • Processing/distributing ribbons
      • Recruiting/organizing volunteers
      • Handling swimmer logistics at meets
    • Other duties including trophy nominations
    • Organize and present at awards night
  • Oversight of the WBC Swim Team
    • Organize Swim Team and Swimming Lesson sign up at Swimming Orientation night, working under the guidance of the Swimming Director and WBC MANAGEMENT:
      • Be present to convey the expectations for Swim Team participation, including all rules and regulations which must be met.
      • Develop a handout to distribute to Parents that set clear expectations for the season.
    • Working under the guidance of the Swimming Director and WBC MANAGEMENT, organize and attend the Swim Team Suit fitting night following through with the vendor arranged by the Director.
    • Check the inventory of Swim Team supplies and alert WBC MANAGEMENT if new items are needed: Timers, ribbons, bullhorns, clipboards, etc.
    • Oversee the Swim Team Coaches:
      • Meet with the WBC MANAGEMENT and Swim Team Coaches to communicate expectations to the individual in that position prior to the start of practices. Conduct a similar mid-season discussion with the WBC MANAGEMENT.
      • Oversee and schedule hours for the Swim Team Coaches under the supervision of the WBC MANAGEMENT.
    • Organize and oversee the Swim Team practices & meets:
      • Typical swim practices/schedule.
      • Utilize/delegate to the Swim Team Coaches as per above.
      • Program should include:
        • developing individual strokes, turns, starts, finishes
        • teaching sportsmanship
        • fostering team spirit
        • modeling appropriate team behavior
      • Ensure that meets/line ups are organized by the Swim Team Coaches
      • Schedule US Swimming Official for all home meets.
    • Oversee special events & field trips:
      • Oversee and attend Swim Team events (i.e. ice cream social, pizza or movie night), working under the supervision of the WBC MANAGEMENT.
      • Oversee Field trips (i.e. Canobie Lake, Baseball game, etc.), working under the supervision of the WBC MANAGEMENT.
      • Make nominations for swim team trophies and club perpetual trophies.
      • Oversee awards night, in coordination with the Swimming Director and WBC MANAGEMENT - video, trophies, and food. Strive to get all swim team participants pictured in the audio-visual presentation. Distribute DVD to members at cost.
    • Communicate regularly with the WBC MANAGEMENT:
      • Attend weekly staff meeting.
      • Bring any employee issues or problems to the WBC MANAGEMENT before problems escalate.

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