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441 For Sale N-10 For Sale
Sail # 4037 Good condition (Recently cleaned) Trailer included Bailer and Paddle Asking $1,300
2019-06-24 Inquire See More
439 For Sale N10 for sale
N10 in good condition with 1 sail, rudder, and some extra rigging pins for sale. Asking $975. S/N 4153
2019-06-17 Inquire See More
437 For Sale Gill Racing Smock/Jacket $40
Like new XS adult Gill racing smock, 3/4 zip. Fits large/x-large child. Dark grey, black and red. Waterproof, taped seams and breathable. Must-have for off-lake regattas, also great for cooler, rainy days on the lake. $40.00.
2019-06-15 Inquire See More
435 Sailing Partner Needed Beginning sailing partner needed
Hi- looking for a partner for our 3td grade beginner sailor. Thank you!
2019-06-09 Inquire See More
434 For Sale opti for sail complete for the beginning sailor 1600 or b/o
Complete package for the new sailor comes with everything, spars, blades, dolley, bags, covers, bailer, praddle. 1600.00 or b/o
2019-06-09 Inquire See More
430 For Sale Racing Opti For Sale
McLaughlin Racing Opti sailed for only two summers. Stored in garage. Black/gold spars, sails, bottom cover and Optilex-lite dolly. $1800
2019-05-28 Inquire See More
429   Opti for Sale
Perfect boat for beginner and intermediate sailors. Comes complete with two rigs/sails, covers, dolly, and lots of extra parts. This boat has everything and is guaranteed to be trouble free. $1,800 or best offer.
2019-05-19 Inquire See More
427 Wanted Laser sails needed
Need Laser sails (4.7, radial, standard - any or all will do).
2019-05-13 Inquire See More
425 Boat to Rent or Borrow Looking for N-10 to rent or borrow
Looking to rent or borrow an N-10 for a pair of beginner sailors.
2019-05-07 Inquire See More


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